2017’s plans!!!

General plans

There are some plans that I drew, about what I should do in next year, 2017.


It is hard to draw on this post so I gave you a picture about them.

The first thing is about my works in university:

It depends on the plans of my university. My lecturer said that in next course I will teach two courses and may be one more course in the evening.

I also could take one course in Vien Dong College in next course, I do not know exactly.

Besides, I have to join some activities in university, for example: volunteer to playing outside of the teaching.

The second thing is about teaching supports:

I have to prepare some syllabuses: Business Statistics, Business Forecasting, Probability and Statistics. I also do some new subjects, it depends on which subjects I will teach in next course.

About the practice, I will refresh them by add more pictures, guides with new version of statistics softwares: Excel 2016, Minitab 16. I want to use R as a primary software in later studies, so I also learn it again and make a new guide of these pratices with R. It is neccessary.

The third thing is about learning new things:

I plan to read at least 48 books, include native language and foreign language (English). I wrote a list of these books, just a part :).

I want to continue my unfinished learning in last year, about Peltier chip. It is used to create a mini refrigerator.

Read more and more researchs to improve my knowledge also help my studying.

The last thing is my love:

I will give my Honey gifts in anniversary: 14/2. 8/3. 16/4 and 20/10. Beside that I also go to visit her home, her farmily in every six weeks. Is it possible ? I think I can do.

Everyday plans

I divide my activities on each day into two parts:


It includes my teaching calendar and other activities that I mark on the calendar, for example: anniversary, wedding, meet my friends,…I will use Microsoft Calendar.

Day by day-activities:

These activities incur everyday and I should prepare which will be done in which day. I use OneNote to do this. There are three types:

  • Long term activities: only two activities: prepare my lessons and study.
  • Daily activities: listen English, read book, eat/drink lemon, check email and write blog.
  • Other activities: I will be order them by priority.

I think I should write down 10 activities, and if I finished all of them, I can do others.

Finance manager

I assume that I have 5 millions VND each month and I use it as budget for my plans. If I have more than that, the residue should be deposit into bank. The detail plan will be present on my excel file, I do not want to add it here.


More commends, more fun :)

In recent days, I have played Dota 2 and get so many commends from my teammates. I do not play more better as well as have a good KDA, so I have some surprises :). I hope that those commends is from a better community. I mean players changed their attitudes and become more polite when playing game. And I want it will not an immediate change but temporary trend.